Electric Bikes
  • No License
  • No Registration
  • No Insurance
  • No Noise
  • No Pollution
  • No Gasoline

You just need to be 16 years or older and wear a helmet to ride an ebike in Ontario.


Afortek 480


 The Afortek 480 is a smooth, easy riding ebike loaded with all of the features you want. The 480 includes a windshield, heated handlebar grips, mirrors with MP3 player, wireless key ignition, built-in charger, LED floor lighting, 3 speed modes, and an alarm system.


500 Watt Electric Motor
Max. Speed 32 km/hr
Max. Range 50 km
Recharge Time 6-8 hours
Battery Sealed Lead Acid
Battery Capacity 48V/20AH

Hydraulic disc (front)

Drum (rear) 

Tire Size 16" x 3"
Max. Load 150 kg
Includes Built-in alarm and steering lock
Mirrors with MP3 player
Heated handlebar grips
Built-in charger

Afortek 500 and 500A


A light and sporty ebike that is comfortable to ride, and easy to manuever for only $999.

The 500A includes a rear storage box and rear wheel lock.



Ride up to 50 km per charge

Max Speed: 25 - 32 km/h

Electric Motor: 350 - 500W Brushless

Plug in to charge for 3 - 8 hours

Battery Capacity: 48V 14AH

Battery Type: Sealed lead acid

Front Brake: Drum Brake

Climbing Angle: 15° - 20°

Safety Features:

· Headlight, brake light, turn signals, instrument panel, rear view mirrors, and horn

· Lockable storage compartment

· Anti-theft Alarm


Afortek 600


Stylish and economical with a convertible rear passenger seat or cargo carrier.

The 600 model includes a powerful 60V battery pack, a 12V power outlet, 3 speed models, a trip timer, odometer, speedometer, and alarm system. A great commuter!


 Power: 500W

Max. Speed: 32km/hr

Max. Range: 50 - 60 km

Recharge Time: 6 - 8 hours

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid

Battery Capacity: 60V/20AH

Front Brake: Drum

Rear Brake: Drum

Tire Size: 22" x 2.125"

Max. Load: 150 kg (330 lbs)

Digital instrument panel

Includes: Front storage basket

Afortek ETrike

The Etrike has a perfect streamlined design, strong structure, intelligent controller, powerful motor, and maintenance free battery. It is easy to operate, easy to park, comfortable to drive, and environmentally friendly.



Power: 450W

Max. Speed: 32 km/hr

Max. Range: 40 km (pedalling increases range)

Recharge Time: approx. 4 hours

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid

Battery Capacity: 48V/12AH

Seat Height: Adjustable

Tire Size: 22" x 1.75"

Max Load: 180 kg (400 lbs)

Afortek 720


The Afortek 720 electric bike is ideal for Northwestern Ontario with the perfect balance of power and maneuverability - it features a heavy duty frame, extra wide tires, dependable hydraulic brakes, a high capacity battery, and is able to climb 20 degree inclines.

The Afortek 720 is powerful and stylish with a built-in radio and MP3 player, alarm system, cigarette lighter and USB adapter, digital speedometer and odometer, and ample storage space.


500 Watt Electric Motor
Max. Speed 32 km/hr
Max. Range 50 km
Recharge Time 6-8 hours
Battery Sealed Lead Acid
Battery Capacity 72V/20AH
Brakes Hydraulic disc (front/rear)
Tire Size 16" x 5"
Weight 220 lbs
Max. Load 220 lbs
Includes Built-in alarm and steering lock
Radio and MP3 player
Large storage box for rear rack
Charger and tool kit

Parts & Service

For Afortek 450, 480. 500, 550, 600, City 600, 650, and 720
Please contact us for parts and service for your ebike, and we'll be happy to help.

Electric Bike Solar Charging Station

  • Protects your ebike
  • Provides extra storage space
  • Automatic operation, simply plug in (ebike or battery) to charge


  • Solar panels
  • Safety disconnect switch
  • Charge controller
  • Custom built wooden shed, 5' wide x 8' long
  • ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) Certification


  • 48V battery pack


  • Digital display
  • Red LED turns on when battery pack is fully charged
  • Automatically goes into (float) maintenance mode after battery pack is fully charged


  • 4 weeks from order
  • Delivery available
  • Made in Canada