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Green Remodeling

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Changing the World One Room at a Time

Easy-to-read and well-illustrated, Green Remodeling comes complete with checklists, personal stories, expert insights and an extensive resource list that will guide a homeowner through any remodeling project. Addressing all climates, this is a perfect resource for conventional homeowners, as well as architects and remodeling contractors.

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Your Green Home

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A Guide to Planning a Healthy, Environmentally Friendly New Home

"I'm often asked by homeowners if there is a single, definitive guide I would recommend for building a house that's truly earth-friendly. Well, folks: this is it. This is the book we've all been waiting for, from Alex Wilson, the best author I know for delivering unbiased, practical and up-to-the minute information on all things Green. It's a must-read for anyone wanting a new home that's good for both themselves AND the planet." - Sarah Susanka, author, The Not So Big House

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Energy Free

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Homes for a Small Planet

A comprehensive guide to the design, construction, and economics of net-zero energy homes.

Individuals and institutions have been working towards zero energy homes for more than a decade. Energy Free distills those collective efforts, compiling lessons learned, resource information, and step-by-step guidance on how to make the decisions that will yield an energy-free residential project, whether single-family or multifamily, new or existing, in an urban or a rural setting.

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The Carbon-Free Home

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36 Remodeling Projects to Help Kick the Fossil-Fuel Habit

Having weaned themselves completely from fossil fuels in their conventional 1930s urban house, Stephen and Rebekah Hren provide a map for others to do the same. Their book shows first how to reduce energy consumption, then to retrofit existing homes to obtain all heating, cooling, cooking, refrigeration, hot water, and electricity from renewabl sources. The Hrens also provide advice on sustainable, low-impact methods of transportation and home gardening. These practical approaches, many of which are suitable for renters as well as owners, fit anyone's budget and can be implemented over time to progressively liberate a home from fossil-fuel dependency.

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The Solar Electric House

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Energy for the Environmentally Responsive, Energy-Independent Home

The Solar Electric House will tell you everything you need to know to decide if photovoltaics are for you, including:

  • System options and economics
  • Stand-alone and utility-interactive systems
  • Descriptions of all key components
  • How to determine your electricity requirements
  • How to design a solar electric house

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David Suzuki's Green Guide

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How to find fresher, tastier, healthier food, create an eco-friendly home, make sustainable transportation choices, reduce consumption and be a green citizen

This book gives useful tips for how to make greener choices in the food you eat, the home you live in, the way you travel, and the things you buy. It also describes how you can ensure that your government supports sustainable lifestyles. With this indispensable and inspiring guide, you will learn how to lessen your impact on the environment, improve your health, save money, and become part of the solution as a steward of the planet.

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Plan C

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Community Survival Strategies for Peak Oil and Climate Change

Climate change and energy depletion are happening much faster than anyone predicted, yet most of us still cling to technological mainstream solutions that require little or no modiciation to our high-consumption lifestyles.

If Plan A means continuing to use fossil fuels and Plan B involves switching to renewable energy sources, then Plan C proposes to break us out of our complacency by advocating a drastic reduction in consumption as the necessary ingredient for a sustainable, equitable world. Plan C argues that only by changing our behaviours in the areas of food, health, transportation and the built environment can we achieve the needed localization, reduced consumption and reduced impact on the planet to survive. Of critical importance is the task of renewing and reviving small, local, cooperative communities.

Plan C is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in living a lower-energy, saner, more cooperative and truly sustainable lifestyle.

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Peak Everything

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Waking up to the century of declines

During the 20th century, our population grew dramatically and shifted from rural to urban, creating unprecedented energy consumption, food production, and dramatic environmental impacts. The 21st century ushered in a new era of declines in a number of crucial areas:

  • Global oil, natural gas and coal extraction
  • Availability of fresh water
  • Yearly grain harvests
  • Economic growth
  • Extraction rates for minerals and ores
  • Climate stability

Peak Everything addresses the personal, psychological, and cultural challenges we face as nature rapidly dictates our new limits. Richard Heinberg, author of three of the most important books on peak oil, offers a thought-provoking combination of wry commentary and sober forecasting on subjects as diverse as farming and industrial design.

A must-read for individuals, business leaders, and policy makers who are serious about effecting real change.

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The Power of Community DVD

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

When Cuba lost access to Soviet oil in the early 1990s, the country faced an immediate crisis - feeding the population - and an ongoing challenge: how to create a new low-energy society. Cuba transitioned from large, fossil-fuel intensive farming to small, less energy-intensive organic farms and urban gardens, and from a highly industrial society to a more sustainable one.

This film tells the story of the Cuban people's hardship, ingenuity and triumph over sudden adversity - through cooperation, conservation and community, told in their own words. As the world approaches Peak Oil, Cuba provides a valuable example of how to successfully address the challenge of reducing our energy use.

Length: 53 minutes

Almost Green

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How I built an eco-shed, ditched my SUV, alienated the in-laws, and changed my life forever

In Almost Green, James Glave chronicles his fumbling efforts to build a sustainably designed writing studio in the front yard of his suburban home while dabbling in grassroots neighborhood activism and working to divest himself of his hulking SUV - a gift from his loving father-in-law. It is a frequently hilarious and always enlightening journey.

James Glave, formerly senior editor at Outside magazine, is a freelance writer who has contributed to the New York Times Magazine, This Old House, and Vancouver magazine, among other publications. He lives on Bowen Island, British Columbia, with his wife and two children.

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