Afortek was established by Lindsey Beaulne and Emil David in 2007.

We discovered e-bikes while attending a solar energy conference in Beijing. At that time there was a 3 year pilot program for e-bikes in Ontario. E-bikes were new in Northwestern Ontario and it took time to raise awareness both with the authorities and the public. We attended trade shows and events, held demonstrations, advertised, and were interviewed by CBC Radio and TBT News. We were the first company in Thunder Bay to offer e-bikes, parts, and service.

After working with e-bikes for more than 10 years Emil started to develop a prototype e-trike, "The Liberator", and then a second prototype, "ElecTrike". Currently, work is progressing on a new version of the "ElecTrike" with a lithium battery pack.

Afortek e-bike owners continue to use and enjoy their e-bikes today with our commitment to supply parts and service.